TT 40-R Bodypack Receiver

  • 3.5mm headphone socket
  • Integrated belt-clip or can be worn on the supplied lanyard
  • Lightweight-only 75g!
  • Supplied complete with single earphone (can be used on either ear)
  • Receiving status LED
  • Battery saving feature
  • Easy to use compact design
  • 40 selectable UHF licence-free channels (within Europe)
  • Lockable channel and group feature
  • Single AA battery operation
  • Clear LCD with battery status and channel/group number

The Tourtalk TT 40-R receiver is supplied complete with a lanyard and earphone. This compact and lightweight receiver is very easy to use. A channel/group lock restricts unauthorised access to the programming by your guests during an event.

Each receiver has a 3.5mm socket to connect either the (supplied) earphone, headphones or inductive neck loop (to assist a hearing aid wearer). The user simply adjusts their personal volume to a comfortable level.

The lanyard and integrated belt-clip enable hands-free operation allowing the user to relax and listen to the presenter.

Tourtalk TT 40 system showing single channel in use

Tourtalk TT 40 system showing single channel in use

Tourtalk TT 40 system showing multiple channels in use

Tourtalk TT 40 system showing multiple channels in use

As this compact receiver operates on a single AA battery it is very lightweight-only 75g. With a battery life of up to 15hrs it will last even the longest event! If no signal is received from a transmitter for 20 minutes, the receiver will automatically switch off to preserve battery life.

Accessories include lightweight headphones, inductive neck loop and enclosed headphones for use in noisy environments.

The receiver has 40 licence-free channels that can be locked to restrict unauthorised access. A receiving status LED gives a visual indication that a transmitter is being received. Each receiver also has a LCD screen that clearly displays the channel/group number, lock and battery status.

An unlimited number of receivers can be used with a Tourtalk system.

The Tourtalk TT 40 system is ideal for guided tours, on the job training, simultaneous interpretation, audio description, hearing assistance and many more applications.

Delivery Includes

1 TT 40-R receiver
1 TT-SEP single earphone
1 TT-LA lanyard
1 TT-RB1 rechargeable battery
1 TT-AB1 alkaline battery

Technical Data

Frequency range: 863-865MHz
Channels: 40
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: NiMh/Alkaline 12hrs/15hrs
Dimension: 24.4mm x 40.5mm x 97.2mm
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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