Tourtalk Hearing Support Systems

Tourtalk hearing support systems can be used to provide hearing assistance in any environment.

A system comprises of a transmitter and an audio source. Each portable Tourtalk transmitter is supplied with a hands-free microphone, as standard.

A personal Tourtalk wireless audio receiver is issued to the individual to enable them to hear. A range of accessories are available including earphones, headphones, or an inductive neck loop, to work in conjunction with a hearing aid. The system allows the user to focus on the sound source and reduce the background noise.

Tourtalk system outdoor theatre hearing support example

A theatre company is staging an outdoor play. A temporary sound system will be set-up to provide amplification to the audience. To enable the events company to comply with the Equality Act, they are required to provide a system to assist people who are hard of hearing.

A conventional induction loop would be expensive to set-up, only cover a specific area and could cause Health and Safety issues because a wire would have to be installed around the perimeter, posing as a potential trip hazard. An infrared hearing loop system could not be used, as it is an outdoor event.

A Tourtalk wireless system can be used without any of the above issues. The transmitter can be fed directly from the sound system mixing desk and transmit up to 200m.

The audience members who are hard of hearing can be issued with a receiver and inductive neck loop (or headphones) before the event. During the show, they can sit anywhere within range of the transmitter, and adjust their own personal volume by simply scrolling the volume wheel up or down.

As Tourtalk systems can accommodate multiple channels simultaneously, other transmitters can be used to provide audio description (for partially sighted or blind people), or simultaneous interpretation for foreign tourists. There is no limit to the number of receivers that can be used on a system.

Tourtalk systems are also used by theatres to conduct shows in outdoor performance spaces while social distancing. Each performer is issued with a wireless transmitter and each audience member is issued with a receiver. As the Tourtalk system is used to amplify the performer’s voices, a sound system is not required.

Tourtalk TT system one-way communication example

Tourtalk TT system two-way communication example

Systems can be supplied as a package or configured to suit each application.

A range of hearing support system packages are available.

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