Tourtalk Command Training Systems

The Tourtalk command training systems are used when it is difficult for a trainer to be heard either due to noise or distance. The Tourtalk system ensures the trainer’s commands are heard clearly without having to raise their voice.

Tourtalk system equestrian command training example

Equestrian Training

The trainer can speak at a comfortable level (or even whisper) into a microphone connected to a transmitter. The rider wears a lightweight earpiece connected to a receiver to hear the trainer’s commands clearly, without disturbing the horse or other people in the vicinity.

Tourtalk system factory tour example

Staff Meetings

Staff can have management/team training meetings on a noisy shop floor at a manufacturing facility. The main presenter wears a headset with transmitter to speak to the staff. The staff are all issued with a receiver and headset to respond to the presenter when required. A full-duplex system enables each person to speak to (and hear) each other as if on the same telephone call.
Multiple systems can operate side by side within the same venue without interference, making it ideal if other meetings or site tours are present.

Tourtalk system production line with masks and social distancing example

On-the-job Training

The trainer and trainee can speak in two-way communication while remaining hands-free and socially distanced. Noise reduction headsets provide hearing protection and can be worn with a face mask/face shield.

Tourtalk system factory with remote person adapter example

Online Learning

Staff that are based off-site can participate in on-site staff training remotely by joining an online voice or video meeting via Teams, Skype, Zoom, etc. Each on-site trainer and trainee are issued with a transceiver and headset. This enables the on-site staff to speak to and hear each other over background noise and distance. A smartphone adapter is connected to a transceiver to enable the off-site staff to speak to and hear the on-site staff in real time. The adapter can also be used to record the training.

Systems can be supplied as a package or configured to suit each application.

A wide range of accessories are available for the Tourtalk systems including microphones, headphones, storage cases and chargers.

A range of command training system packages are available.

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