Tourtalk TT-BM Microphone


General Description
Tourtalk TT-BM Boundary microphone is for use with Tourtalk TT 40 and TT 100 portable transmitters and is designed to receive sound in 360 degrees. This low-profile microphone can be placed on a table and is ideal to pick up the proceedings of a meeting.

Tourtalk TT-BM boundary microphone with TT 40-T and TT 100-T transmitters

This omni-directional microphone is ideal for hearing support applications as it can pick up the voices of multiple people over a large area.

It can also be used for simultaneous interpretation applications where an interpreter is located too far away from the audio source to clearly hear what is being said. In this scenario, the interpreter can place a boundary microphone and transmitter near the people speaking. The interpreter can then remotely monitor this transmitter by using a receiver set to the same channel.

The interpreter can then use another transmitter (set to a different channel) to simultaneously translate the message.

Delegates in the meeting can then choose to listen to either the floor language or the interpreted language by selecting the appropriate channel on their receivers.

360 Degree omni-directional design
Sensitive condenser microphone with up to 2m range
Clear speech reproduction
Discreet low profile design

Delivery Includes
1 TT-BM Boundary microphone
1 Soft protective storage case

Technical Data
Colour: Black
System: Condenser
Pick-up pattern: Omni-directional
Frequency range: 100-10K Hz
Sensitivity: -34+/3db 2.00V 2.2K
Ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
Weight: 65g
Cable length: 2.5m
Diameter: 76mm
Connector: 3.5 mm jack plug

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  • Tourtalk TT-BM Microphone
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