Tourtalk TT-LM Microphone


General Description
The Tourtalk TT-LM lapel microphone is designed for use with the Tourtalk TT 40 and TT 100 portable transmitters. This compact microphone enables the presenter to conduct their event hands-free.

Tourtalk TT-LM lapel microphone with windshield.jpg

The cardioid pick-up pattern reduces the background noise ensuring the guests (listening via receivers) hear the presenter’s voice clearly.

Cardioid pick-up pattern to reduce background noise
High speech intelligibility
Microphone windshield included

Delivery Includes
1 TT-LM directional lapel microphone

Technical Data
Colour: Black
System: Electret
Pick-up pattern: Cardioid
Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz
Impedance: 1 kΩ
Sensitivity: 5.6 mV/Pa/1 kHz
Max. SPL: 110 dB
Power supply: 1.5-9 V DC current
Ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
Dimensions: Ø 10 mm x 23 mm
Weight: 20 g
Connector: 3.5 mm jack plug

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  • Tourtalk TT-LM Microphone
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