Tourtalk Command Training Systems

The Tourtalk command systems are used when it is difficult for a trainer to be heard either due to noise or distance. The Tourtalk system ensures the trainer’s commands are heard clearly without them having to raise their voice.

Tourtalk TT 100 command training system example

Some examples of use are -

Equestrian Training

The trainer can speak at a comfortable level (or even whisper) into a microphone connected to a transmitter. The rider wears a lightweight earpiece connected to a receiver to hear the trainer’s commands clearly, without disturbing the horse or other people in the vicinity.

Firing Range Training

The range instructors can speak at a comfortable level to the shooters to ensure everybody can hear them. The shooters each have a receiver with headphones. As the system is completely wireless and requires no installation, the system can be used for clay pigeon or game shooting anywhere. Where hearing protection is required, then either a single earphone can be used under existing ear defenders, headphones can be used over ear plugs, or ear defenders with integrated loudspeakers can be worn.


Quad Safari/Segway Tours

The tour leaders can wear a headband microphones connected to their transmitters to speak to the tour group. Each member of the group wears headphones connected to a personal receiver to hear the leaders. As all Tourtalk transmitters and receivers have an integrated belt clip and are supplied with a lanyard, the system can be used completely hands-free.

The transmitter also has an aux input which enables a leader to connect a smartphone to the system, to play background music or pre-recorded commentary of local sights. With the excellent range of the Tourtalk system it ensures even people at the back can hear.

Stunt Kite Display Team

A stunt kite team flies kites in aerial formations to music. The team leader wears a headband microphone connected to a transmitter, and calls out the commands so the team know which formation is required next. The music is also fed directly into the transmitter’s aux socket from a smartphone. The team members wear headphones connected to receivers. The Tourtalk system ensures the team leader (and music) is clearly heard without background and wind noise.

Cycling Training

The coach can call information to the rider, when training in a velodrome or even outdoors. The rider wears an earphone connected to a receiver to hear the coach’s commands. Up to two coaches can communicate simultaneously.

If the cyclists are part of a team, then each person can have a receiver set to the same channel as the coach’s transmitter. The whole team will then hear the commands.

Multiple systems can operate side by side within the same venue without interference, making it ideal if other teams/trainers are present.

Command training

On-the-job Training

Trainees are each issued with a lightweight transmitter and microphone. During training exercises, the trainees must describe the tasks they have been assigned.

The observers are each issued with a lightweight receiver and single earphone to hear the trainee’s voice. As the single earphone only covers one ear, the other ear is still exposed to enable the observers to discuss the event and hear any potential hazards such as reversing vehicles.

A Tourtalk system can also be used to provide on-site training on the shop floor of any business. The presenter can use a transmitter and microphone to communicate to the trainees. Each trainee is supplied with a receiver with earphone to hear the instructions.

Tourtalk TT 40 command training system

Systems can be supplied as a package or configured to suit each application.

A wide range of accessories are available for the Tourtalk systems including microphones, headphones, storage cases and chargers.

A range of command training system packages are available.

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