Tourtalk TT 200 system

Tourtalk TT 200 is a digital portable wireless two-way communication system that helps people to hear each other over background noise and distance.

Tourtalk TT 200-T transmitter with accessoriesThe Tourtalk TT 200-T is a transmitter and receiver in a compact and lightweight unit enabling both one-way and two-way communication between group leaders and the rest of the group. The transmitter features an internal microphone, headset socket, aux-in socket, programmable talk button, customizable OLED screen and much more.

Tourtalk TT 200-R receiver with accessoriesThe Tourtalk TT 200-R receiver has a talk back function to enable the user to speak back to the group leaders (and the rest of the group), when permitted. The receiver features an internal microphone, a headphone/headset socket and a push-to-talk button.

Tourtalk TT 200 system with charger transport caseThe transmitters and receivers can be supplied with chargers to protect, store and programme the devices. An LCD screen and channel sync button enables all docked devices to be set to the same channel within seconds. Each charger is supplied with software so the system can be programmed to suit each meeting by naming or disabling channels and making bulk changes to device settings, if required.

A wide range of accessories are available from headsets that provide hearing protection, waterproof storage cases and even an adaptor for smartphone integration to communicate in real time with remote people via audio/video call (Zoom, MS Teams, FaceTime, etc).

The system has three communication modes to suit different applications and environments:

Guiding Mode

Tourtalk TT 200 system showing guiding mode in use

Tourtalk TT 200 system guiding mode showing guest talkback in use

The group leader (using a TT 200-T) can freely speak to the group. Any group member (using a TT 200-R) can talk back only when the group leader permits, enabling them to maintain control of the proceedings.

Teaching Mode (default)

Tourtalk TT 200 system showing teaching mode in use

Tourtalk TT 200 system showing teaching mode with slave muted and guest talkback

The group leader (using a TT 200-T) and assistant (also using a TT 200-T) can freely speak to the group. Any group member (using a TT 200-R) can talk back only when the assistant releases their talk right. The group leader can always participate.

Discussion Mode

Tourtalk TT 200 system showing discussion mode in use

All presenters (using TT 200-T) can participate in the discussion. All group members (using TT 200-R) can listen only.

Typical examples of use for Tourtalk TT 200 systems are:

Staff communication in the workplace while maintaining social distancing guidelines.
On-the-job training for businesses or sport.
Guided visitor tours in either noisy, or noise sensitive environments e.g. stately homes and heritage sites, city tours, industrial plant tours.
Language interpretation for tours with foreign guests or international meetings.
Hearing support for people who are hard of hearing.
Audio description to assist blind or partially sighted people.
Silent conferences for presentations in exhibition spaces.
....and many more applications.

Features of the Tourtalk TT 200 system are: 

3 Operation modes to suit any tour
Digital noise cancelling technology
Full-duplex two-way communication
Any transmitter can be set up as a group leader or assistant
Wireless channel sync from transmitter to receivers
42 Channels with up to 15 separate groups
No limit to the size of each group
Channel lock for reliability
Programmable backlit high contrast OLED display
Roll call, gathering and out-of-range alarm with vibration
Up to 150m range
All day battery life
Integrated microphone and headset socket
Illuminated talk button (latching or momentary PTT/PTM)
Adjustable microphone gain and RF power
Completely wireless so no installation is required
Software control (if a charger is purchased)
Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) for use with a TT-NL inductive neck loop
Aux-in socket with audio priority
Stationary transmitter available for fixed applications
Wide range of chargers and accessories available


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