Tourtalk TT 100 system

Tourtalk TT 100 is a digital portable wireless communication system that helps presenters to speak to a group of people when needing to overcome background noise and distance.

Tourtalk TT 100 system showing dual presenter mode in use

The system enables the presenter(s) to speak at a comfortable level to the group whilst ensuring they are clearly heard. The transmitter has 100 licence-free channels and up to 20 separate groups can operate within the same environment, with no limit to the size of each group.

Tourtalk TT 100-T transmitter with accessories

The Tourtalk TT 100-T transmitter has all the features you will ever need; including integrated microphone, microphone socket, microphone mute switch, aux-in socket, dual presenter mode and wireless channel sync.

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system with one presenter

Single presenter mode

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system with two presenters

Dual presenter mode

Dual presenter mode is ideal if two people want to communicate to the same audience without having to share a single transmitter. Each presenter can be issued with their own transmitter allowing them both to participate at the same time. Alternatively, the main presenter can use one transmitter and pass the other transmitter for interviews, question-and-answer sessions or simultaneous interpretation (for any foreign guests), ensuring everyone hears every word. The Channel sync function enables the transmitter to wirelessly sync its channel to a batch of receivers.

Tourtalk TT 100-R receiver with accessoriesThe audience members use a receiver to convert the transmitter(s) signal back to audio. Each member is supplied with a receiver set to the same channel as the presenter(s). The user simply connects the (supplied) earphone to hear the message and adjusts their volume to a comfortable level.

Both the transmitter and receivers are supplied with a lanyard and clothing clip to enable hand-free use. Each unit operates on a single AA battery, either Alkaline or Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries can be used. A range of chargers are available for the system.

Tourtalk TT 100 system packages

A wide range of accessories for the system can be found here.

Typical examples of use for Tourtalk TT 100 systems are:

Guided visitor tours in either noisy, or noise sensitive environments e.g. art galleries, city tours, plant tours.
Language interpretation for tours with foreign guests or international meetings.
Hearing support for people who are hard of hearing.
Audio description to assist blind or partially sighted people.
Command training for businesses or sports.
Silent conferences for presentations in exhibition spaces.
....and many more applications.

Features of the Tourtalk TT 100 system include:

Integrated microphone on transmitter with mute switch
Transmitters supplied with lapel microphone
Aux-in for connection of external audio source
Wireless channel sync
Receivers supplied complete with earphone
Digital for secure and reliable communication
Dual presenters per group
Standard 3.5mm socket allows use of headphones or inductive neck loop
No limit to number of receivers per group
Compact and lightweight units - only 75g!
Channel lock for reliable use
Lanyard and belt clip for hands-free use
100 licence-free channels
Up to 20 groups can operate simultaneously
Single AA battery operation
Completely wireless so no installation
Durable and very easy to use
LCD display with channel and battery status
Wide range of accessories available


Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system

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