Two-way tour guide system for Museum

We have recently supplied Trowbridge Museum with a Tourtalk TT 200 tour guide system to enable them to conduct tours while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Wireless tour guide system example for a museumThe two-way TT 200 system enables the tour guides to speak to a group of visitors without having to compete with background noise or distance. Each tour guide is issued with a wireless transmitter and headset.

Visitors are each issued with a wireless receiver and earphone to hear the tour guides. They can talk back to the tour guides, when permitted, by pressing their talk button and speaking directly into their receiver, ensuring the whole tour group hear what is said. The two-way capability of the TT 200 system makes the experience more engaging for the visitors as they can interact with the tour guide by asking questions during the tour.

Wireless tour guide system for a museumThe supplied inductive neck loop can be used instead of an earphone by a hard-of-hearing visitor that uses a hearing aid, to make the experience more accessible.

Other features include-

Aux-input on each transmitter to enable a multi-media device to feed audio into the system.

Roll call to enable the tour guide to see (in real time) the expected number of receivers on the tour and the actual number connected via the screen on their transmitter, to make sure they haven’t lost anyone!

Group gathering to enable a tour guide to call the group at the beginning of the tour. This feature displays ‘CALLING’ on the receiver screens and causes each receiver to vibrate with an alarm sound in the earphones, to inform visitors that the tour is about to begin.

Channel sync on each charger to quickly change the transmitter and receiver channels between tours. Each charger is also supplied with software so channel names can be changed with custom names on the screen of each device as well as bulk programming the system to suit different tours, if required.

Trowbridge museum

‘We purchased a Tourtalk TT 200 system in September 2020 so that we could continue leading guided walks whilst maintaining social distancing. Tourtalk were very quick to respond to my initial enquiry and provided helpful advice on a two-way guiding system that would suit our needs. They dealt with my further queries promptly and the system was delivered very quickly. We purchased 2 transmitters and 30 receivers, 25 unit and 5 unit charging bases. We chose over the ear earpieces so that we could easily sanitise them, but also bought two packs of disposable in-ear earpieces. The units are well made and of good quality, with a good, solid feel. They charged quickly and were easy to programme and set up. We used them with 3 different primary school classes and felt that they improved the session as the children could always hear what we were saying, and we could keep them engaged as we walked from stop to stop – the teachers were very complimentary. The over-earpieces fitted small ears and stayed on well and children found them easy (and very enjoyable) to use. Overall, we are really pleased with the Tourtalk system. Top marks!’

- David Birks, Learning and Outreach Officer, Trowbridge Museum

More information on the Tourtalk tour guide systems can be found here.

Trowbridge Museum offers a wide range of KS1 and KS2 workshops covering 2000 years of British history including Roman, Norman, Tudor, Victorian and C20th life as well as other topics such as Textiles and Weaving, Houses and Homes and Toys and Games, and the history workshops can easily be given a Local History focus. Their workshops feature object handling, dressing up, exploring Museum displays, hands-on activities, game playing, and crafts and they all provide a fun, challenging and exciting learning experience. They can easily be adapted as outreach sessions. For more information on the Museum can be found here.

Tourtalk TT 200 tour guide system

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