Belfast Mic n Bike choose Tourtalk for their cycle city tours

Enjoy a unique tour of the history and industrial heritage of Belfast from your bicycle. Listen to the tour guide uncover the unique and fascinating story of Belfast’s meteoric growth from a small 17th Century settlement to a ‘powerhouse’ of the British Empire by the start of the 20th Century.

Belfast Mic n Bike tour guide with Tourtalk system

During the 2 hour (11km) tour you can explore some of the surviving maritime infrastructure (6 dry docks), the Titanic Studios (where Game of Thrones is filmed), buildings, churches, cultural murals and listen to the stories of the incredible people who helped shape the city.

Cycling tour with tour guide system

"Belfast Mic n Bike uses a ‘State of the Art’ (Tourtalk) wireless communication system so you will have a small receiver unit and a single earpiece to enable your cycle guide to provide commentary as you cycle.
The cycle guide can update you about the route ahead, and of course highlight interesting features and give you a bit of Belfast ‘Craic’ on route.
The system is used ‘responsibly’ and allows you to be aware of what is ahead, your cycle guide will ‘mute’ the mic during road crossings and junctions where participant’s full attention is essential.
The system performs very well!"
Donal Kelly, Belfast Mic N Bike

For more information about the Belfast Mic N Bike please visit their website here.

Tour guide and tourist with wireless tour guide systemDownload

Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide system

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