Barfield Capital Tours use Tourtalk to communicate to their guests

Barfield Capital Tours provide unique walking tours in London. Their ‘Eyes on the Spies’ walk is designed to provide a thought provoking, informative and entertaining experience for spy and espionage enthusiasts, and tourists alike.

Eyes on the Spies

The tour shines a light on the activities of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Services and their foreign counterparts. London has been central to the aims and objectives of both friend and foe from WW2, through the Cold War and into the present day.

The Eyes on the Spies Experience is a unique mixture of a walking tour combined with using the TFL (Transport for London) rail system to visit the most interesting locations, not possible on a simple walking tour.

‘We use the latest Tourtalk commentary aids allowing the host to deliver crystal clear speech whether outside among road noise or inside buildings when discretion dictates.

Have you ever been on a tour when because of background noise (people, traffic etc) you are constantly straining to hear? Me too. That’s why I supply each tour customer with a Tourtalk TT 40 receiver and earpiece.

They are incredibly effective and allow me to talk to each person without having to strain my voice and you having to strain to hear. The earpiece sits outside the ear for comfort. They are hygienically cleansed before each use and come with an antiseptic wipe.’

For more information or to book a tour please visit Barfield Capital Tours here.

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Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide system

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