Tourtalk system for SlurryKat factory tour

Here is a review of a Tourtalk tour guide system from one our customers:-

Here is a review of one our customers experiences of using their Tourtalk tour guide system:-

SlurryKat started to use the Tourtalk system in February of this year and it has been a great success.
As SlurryKat has grown in size, we have had the pleasure of more customers, dealers and potential business partners arriving at our Head Office in Waringstown to view the factory and the display of products.
Many people are particularly interested in the SlurryKat engineering process from start to finish. As the factory can be very noisy at times with our team of engineers and welders constructing equipment, it would be difficult to give a guided tour of the factory premises without the safety and benefits of a Tourtalk system.

Through a referral, we decided to purchase the Tourtalk system. It takes seconds to set-up and is easy to use. Visitors have commented that they could hear everything that the tour guide had to say. It made our audience totally engaged with the tour. It is surprising how long the battery lasts. Throughout February we gave 4 one-hour-long factory tours and the battery still held its full bars.
SlurryKat tour group using a Tourtalk system.jpgSlurryKat would definitely recommend this product to be used by those with similar environments and purposes. We have not had one complaint with it.

SlurryKat is a leading manufacturer of quality slurry tankers, umbilical slurry systems and farm trailers. Based in Northern Ireland they export 140 different products to 18 countries worldwide.

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