TT 200-SD2 Social Distancing System

  • Complete lightweight two-way headset system
  • Digital noise cancelling technology with full-duplex communication
  • Expandable to create larger groups
  • Channel lock for reliability
  • Programmable backlit high contrast OLED display
  • Up to 150m range
  • All day battery life
  • Integrated microphone/headset socket
  • Illuminated talk button (latching or momentary PTT/PTM)
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity, volume and RF power
  • Completely wireless so no installation is required
  • Aux-in socket with audio priority
  • Compact desktop charger with charging status LEDs
  • Lightweight yet robust design
  • Large UK stock levels
  • Wide range of accessories available

The Tourtalk TT 200-SD2 is a two-way wireless headset package designed to assist staff communication whilst social distancing. The system comprises 2 transmitters with single ear headsets and a desktop charger.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (Covid 19) all organisations have to make changes to their procedures so that staff can still work safely and efficiently when spaced at least 2m apart. This has brought fresh challenges to the workplace as managing staff requires clear communication-The Tourtalk TT 200 is the ideal solution!

Each transmitter transmits and receives the audio to enable the two members of staff to speak to each other, as if they are on the same telephone call.

Each transmitter features an integrated microphone, headset socket (to connect the single ear headset) and microphone talk button. An aux-in socket to enable the connection of a smartphone is also provided.

Two-way headset system for staff training

Each member of staff can speak at a comfortable level without having to raise their voice, and simply adjust their personal volume.

The transmitters are supplied complete with belt clips and lanyards for hands-free operation.

The desktop charger simultaneously recharges the two transmitters. Each charging dock has a battery status LED to indicate when the battery is fully charged.

The Tourtalk system has been designed to be very user friendly and can be setup within minutes. As the system is completely wireless it can be operated both indoors and outdoors and requires no installation.

This system is ideal where two members of staff need to speak to each other in noisy environments or over distance. The system enables each member of staff to communicate hands-free making it ideal for one-to-one staff training.

A wide range of headsets and other accessories are available to suit any environment.

Custom packages can be supplied to suit any organisation’s requirements. Please contact us for details.

The Tourtalk TT 200 system is ideal for many different sectors including-

Commercial Kitchens/Takeaways
Factories/Manufacturing sites
Garages/MOT testing stations
Warehouses and distribution centres
Post office sorting rooms
Nursing/Care homes
Hospital wards
Plumbers, Electricians and other construction workers
Maintenance staff
Garden Centres/Hardware stores
And many other organisations.

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Delivery Includes

2 TT 200-T transmitter
2 TT-SEH headset
2 TT-AI aux-in lead
2 TT-LA lanyard
4 TT-RB1 rechargeable battery
1 TT-C2-2 desktop charger

Technical Data

TT 200-T Transmitter
Frequency range: 823-832MHz & 863-865MHz
Channels: 42
Groups: Up to 15
Transmission power: Hi 30mW Low 10mW
Transmission range: ≤ 150m (line of sight)
Power supply: 2 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 18hrs/20hrs NiMh/Alkaline
Dimension: 46.5 x 33 x 96 mm (with belt clip but without antenna)
Weight: 113 g (with batteries)
TT-SEH Single ear headset
Impedance: 32 Ω
Cable: 1.04 m
Plug: 3.5 mm jack
Weight: 24g
TT-C2-2 Desktop charger
Charging docks: 2
Power supply unit: 12v (supplied)
Charging time: Approx. 9 hours for a 2600 mAh battery (depending on battery status)
Dimensions: 105mm x 83mm x 70mm
Weight: 165g
Operating temperature: 0 – 40 °C

Features and specifications subject to change without notice