Tourtalk TT 40-ST Stationary

Tourtalk TT 40-ST

General Description
The Tourtalk TT 40-ST stationary transmitter is designed for fixed applications where the transmitter is to be mains powered. This transmitter is ideal for temporary and permanent installations.

Tourtalk TT 40-ST Stationary transmitter

This transmitter features a balanced microphone input and a line input. An additional microphone input (with 5v phantom power) is also integrated, to enable the connection of a TT-HM headband microphone, to feed the transmitter directly.

The transmitter has 40 licence-free channels (12 of which can be used simultaneously) so up to 12 groups can operate together within the same space.

A popular accessory is the Tourtalk TT 40-STH headset. This one-piece headset comprises dual headphones and a boom microphone. The headset enables the user to monitor an independent input source (via the headphones), and speak simultaneously into the transmitter (via the boom microphone). This is ideal for audio description at a theatre, where the describer can monitor the show relay system, and describe at the same time without needing additional equipment.

The Tourtalk TT 40-ST stationary transmitter is ideal for pre-recorded commentary at tourist sites, live simultaneous interpretation at international meetings, audio description at sporting grounds/theatres and many more applications.

Selectable microphone and aux inputs with gain controls
Monitor headphone socket with volume control
Audio level and overdriving status LEDs
Aux output to feed additional transmitters
Adjustable signal output gain
Can be desktop or rack mounted (rack shelf available separately)
Compact size – only half of 1U 19” rack space
DC output to cascade additional transmitter from single PSU
40 selectable UHF licence-free channels (within Europe)
Clear LCD to display transmission channel
1/2 wave antenna
Up to 200m range

Delivery Includes
1 TT 40-ST stationary transmitter

Technical Data
Frequency range: 863-865MHz
Channels: 40
Transmission range: ≤ 200m
Power supply unit: 12v (supplied)
Dimension: 215mm x 210mm x 50mm
Dimension: 215mm x 245mm x 265mm (with antenna fitted)
Weight: 1.3kg
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C


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