Tourtalk TT 40-TG1H system

TT 40-TG1H

General Description
The Tourtalk TT 40-TG1H is a tour guide system comprising 1 transmitter with lapel microphone (for the presenter), 1 receiver with headphones (for the listener) and a transport case.

Tourtalk TT 40-TG1H tour guide systemA tour guide system is a portable wireless audio system that is used to enable a tour guide to be heard clearly in a noisy environment or over distance.

The transmitter features an integrated microphone, microphone socket (to connect the lapel microphone), and microphone mute switch. An aux-in socket to enable the connection of an mp3 player is also provided.

The guide can then speak at a comfortable level without having to shout. They can even whisper if the tour is in a noise sensitive area e.g. Museum.

The listener wears the headphones (connected to the receiver) and simply adjust their volume to a comfortable level.

Both the transmitter and receiver are supplied complete with belt clips and lanyards for hands-free operation.

The Tourtalk tour guide system has been designed to be very user friendly and can be setup within minutes. As the system is completely wireless it can be operated indoors or outdoors and requires no installation.

This Tourtalk TT 40 tour guide system is ideal for workplace staff training, equestrian and sports training, remote monitoring, one-to-one instructing/tutoring and hearing support.

A wide range of accessories are available.
Integrated microphone, microphone socket and an aux-in socket on transmitter
Microphone mute switch with status LED
Up to 120m range
Channel/group lock for reliable operation
Transmitter supplied with lapel microphone and aux-in lead
Receiver supplied with single earphone and headphones
Licence-free use within Europe
Clear LCD with battery status and channel/group number

Delivery Includes
1 TT 40-T tour guide transmitter
1 TT-LM lapel microphone
1 TT-AI aux-in lead
1 TT 40-R tour guide receiver
1 TT-SEP earphone
1 TT-HP lightweight headphones
2 TT-LA lanyards
2 TT-AB1 alkaline batteries
1 TT-SC2 transport case

Technical Data
TT 40-T Tour guide transmitter
Frequency range: 863-865MHz
Channels: 40
Transmission power: ≤ 10 mW
Transmission range: ≤ 120m (line of sight)
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 10hrs Alkaline
Dimension: 24.4mm x 40.5mm x 97.2mm
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C
TT 40-R Tour guide receiver
Frequency range: 863-865MHz
Channels: 40
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 15hrs Alkaline
Dimension (mm): 24.4mm x 40.5mm x 97.2mm
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C




  • Tourtalk TT 40-TG1H system
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