Tourtalk TT-ICOM Intercom


General Description
The Tourtalk TT-ICOM is a free-standing wireless intercom to connect to a two-way Tourtalk system. The TT-ICOM enables a stationary user to communicate with a group hands-free without having to wear a headset.

Tourtalk TT-ICOM Intercom - with TT 200-T transmitter reduced height.jpgThe TT-ICOM comprises of a weighted base with integrated loudspeaker and semi-ridged directional microphone with adjustable neck. A microphone mute switch enables the user to switch the microphone on/off as required.

Ideal for a supervisor or director.

Robust metal construction
Rubber feet to isolate tabletop noise
Ideal for temporary use at pop up desks
Alternative to a headset
Compatible with TT 200-T and TT 300

Delivery Includes
1 Tourtalk TT-ICOM Wireless Intercom

Technical Data
Impedance: 4 Ω
Output: SPL 1W @ 1M 85dB
Frequency Response: 150Hz - 10300Hz
Cable length: 2m
Connector: 4 Pole Jack
Construction: Mild Steel
Finish: Powder-coated Grey


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