Tourtalk TT-HQH Headset


General Description
The Tourtalk TT-HQH Headset allows the user to speak to and hear other tour group members in noisy environments.

Tourtalk TT 200-T transmitter and TT 200-R receiver with TT-HQH on-ear headsetsThe adjustable earcups, headband and microphone enable the user to wear the headset for long events without fatigue.

Excellent sound quality
Soft wipeable ear pads for hygiene
Noise cancelling uni-directional microphone
Windshield to reduce unwanted breath noise
Foldable earcups to reduce storage space
Can be used over ear plugs if hearing protection is required

Delivery Includes
1 TT-HQH Headset

Technical Data
Headphone impedance: 32 Ω
Headphone design: Open
Headphone frequency range: 10–20,000Hz
Headphone power rating: 100mW
Microphone type: Electret
Microphone design: Cardioid
Cable: 1.2 m
Plug: 3.5 mm gold plated jack
Weight: 142g


Tourtalk TT 200 tour guide system

Tourtalk TT 300 two-way communication system

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