Tourtalk TT 100-HS2N system

TT 100-HS2N

General Description
The Tourtalk TT 100-HS2N is a digital hearing support system comprising 2 transmitters with lapel and boundary microphones (for the presenters/audience), 2 receivers with earphones and neck loops (for the hard of hearing listeners) and a charger transport case.

Tourtalk TT 100-HS24N Hearing support systemThis portable and wireless hearing system is designed to aid communication with hard of hearing people. The TT 100 system allows the user to hear up to two transmitters (with microphones) simultaneously.

This versatile system can be used in many different styles of meetings and room layouts.

Example of a hard-of-hearing student attending a lecture

The lecturer can use one transmitter with a lapel microphone, so they can remain completely hands-free and have the freedom to move throughout the room.

A second transmitter can be used with a boundary microphone placed on a table at the front of the lecture theatre. This sensitive microphone can then pick up the voices of any students that ask questions during the lecture.

The student that is hard of hearing uses a receiver with neck loop (with their hearing aid set to the ‘T’ programme) or an earphone (if they do not have a compatible hearing aid). They can then hear both the lecturer’s presentation and any questions/comments from the audience. This ensures the system user doesn’t miss what is said during the lecture.

If there are two lecturers, they can each use a transmitter with lapel microphone.

Example of a hard-of-hearing member of staff attending a board meeting

Both transmitters can be used with the boundary microphones evenly spaced down the centre of the boardroom table.

The member of staff is issued with a receiver and a neck loop, or earphone.

Each boundary microphone picks up the surrounding sound in 360 degrees, ensuring the member of staff can hear every word.

If there is a presentation from a laptop, the audio can be connected directly into one of the transmitter’s aux-in sockets (using the supplied lead) ensuring the system user doesn’t miss out on any audio content.

This portable hearing support system is ideal for venues with multiple meeting spaces as the system can be easily setup or packed away within seconds. It can also be moved to suit different room layouts/breakout groups without any trailing cables. It has been designed to be very user friendly and can be setup by non-technical members of staff. As the system is completely wireless, it can be operated indoors or outdoors and requires no installation.

The compact charger transport case stores and recharges the transmitters/receivers and accessories.

A wide range of accessories are available.
A discreet solution for the system user
An alternative to an induction loop or infrared hearing system
100 channels of secure, reliable and licence-free digital technology
Expandable for large venues-no limited to number of receivers
Hands-free wireless operation
Integrated microphone on each transmitter with mic socket and mute switch
Aux-in input on each transmitter
Volume control on each receiver
LCD on transmitter and receiver displaying selected channel and battery status
Lockable channel feature for reliability
Ideal for corporate, entertainment and education sectors
A complete system ready to use straight out of the box

Delivery Includes
2 TT 100-T transmitter
2 TT-LM lapel microphone
2 TT-AI aux-in lead
2 TT-BM boundary microphone
2 TT 100-R receiver
2 TT-SEP earphones
2 TT-NL inductive neck loop
4 TT-RB1 rechargeable batteries
4 TT-LA lanyards
1 TT-C4 charger transport case

Technical Data

TT 100-T Transmitter
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
Channels: 100
Transmission power: ≤10mW
Transmission range: ≤ 30m (line of sight)
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 10/11hrs NiMh/Alkaline
Dimension (mm): 24 x 41 x 102
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C
TT 100-R Receiver
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
Channels: 100
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 10/11hrs NiMh/Alkaline
Dimension (mm): 24 x 41 x 102
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C
TT-C4 Charger case
Dimension (mm): 104 x 251 x 259
Power supply unit: 12v (supplied)
Operating temperature: 0 – 40 °C


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  • Tourtalk TT 100-HS2N system
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