Tourtalk TT 100-HS23N system

TT 100-HS23N

General Description
The Tourtalk TT 100-HS23N is a digital hearing system comprising 2 transmitters with lapel microphones (for the presenters), 23 receivers with earphones and neck loops (for the hard of hearing listeners) and a charger transport case.

Tourtalk TT 100-HS23N Hearing support systemThis portable and wireless hearing system is designed to aid communication with hard of hearing people in noisy environments or over distance. The TT 100 system allows up to presenters (in dual presenter mode) to communicate simultaneously to the same group.

Alternatively, the main presenter can use one transmitter, and pass the other transmitter for question and answer sessions or interviews (using its integrated microphone), ensuring everybody hears what is said. A popular accessory for the second transmitter is the Tourtalk TT-BM boundary microphone, that can be placed on a table (or similar flat surface) to pick up the proceedings in 360 degrees.

Each transmitter features an integrated microphone, microphone socket (to connect the lapel microphone), and microphone mute switch. An aux-in socket to enable the connection of a smartphone is also provided.

The presenter/s can then speak at a comfortable level without having to raise their voice/s.

The hard of hearing people wear a discreet receiver with either an inductive neck loop (to work in conjunction with their hearing aid on the ‘T’ setting) or the supplied earphone. They can then listen to the presenter/s and adjust their personal volume to a comfortable level.

The transmitter and receivers are supplied complete with belt clips and lanyards for hands-free operation.

The charger transport case simultaneously recharges and stores up to 25 Tourtalk transmitter/receivers. The hard case provides protection during transit and storage, and is small enough to be carried as hand luggage for international travel. The detachable charger tray can either be used within the hard case or used as a desktop charger.

The Tourtalk hearing system has been designed to be very user friendly and can be setup within minutes. As the system is completely wireless, it can be operated indoors or outdoors and requires no installation.

This Tourtalk TT 100 system can also be used for workplace staff training, guided tours or audio description (to assist blind or partially sighted people).

A wide range of accessories are available.
Dual presenter mode
Complete lightweight tour guide system with charger transport case
Quick charging batteries for transmitters and receivers
Integrated microphone, microphone socket and an aux-in socket on transmitter
Microphone mute switch with status LED
Transmitters supplied with lapel microphones and aux-in leads
Receivers supplied with single earphones and inductive neck loops
Wireless channel sync from transmitter to receivers
100 Selectable licence-free channels
Lockable channel feature for reliability
Single AA battery operation
Clear LCD with battery status, presenter mode and channel number

Delivery Includes
2 TT 100-T transmitter
2 TT-LM lapel microphone
2 TT-AI aux-in lead
23 TT 100-R receivers
23 TT-SEP earphones
23 TT-NL inductive neck loops
25 TT-RB1 rechargeable batteries
25 TT-LA lanyards
1 TT-C25 charger transport case

Technical Data
TT 100-T Transmitter
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz
Channels: 100
Transmission power: ≤10mW
Transmission range: ≤ 30m (line of sight)
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 10/11hrs NiMh/Alkaline
Dimension (mm): 24 x 41 x 102
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C
TT 100-R Receiver
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz

Channels: 100
Power supply: 1 x AA battery
Typical battery life: 10/11hrs NiMh/Alkaline
Dimension (mm): 24 x 41 x 102
Weight: 75 g (with battery)
Operating temperature: -10°C – +50 °C


Tourtalk TT 100-HS23N hearing support system

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system


  • Tourtalk TT 100-HS23N system
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