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Wireless Tourtalk systems enable users to communicate efficiently whilst social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a wide range of one-way and two-way systems to suit any organisation. An overview of each system can be seen here.

A tour group can be any size from 2 to 2000+ people. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can assist you and provide a no-obligation quotation then please get in touch.Contact us

Tourtalk is a portable wireless radio communication system used to transmit live audio between people. The presenter speaks into a microphone transmitter and the audience use lightweight receivers to hear the message.

Who we work with

We work with many different types of organisations who use Tourtalk systems for varied applications. Tourtalk systems are used when it is difficult to communicate to people due to noise or distance. Popular uses are:

Tourtalk TT 40-TG24M system

The Tourtalk TT 40-TG24M is a complete tour guide system comprising 1 transmitter with headband microphone (for the presenter), 24 receivers with earphones (for the audience) and a charger ...

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Tourtalk TT 200-SD4 system

The Tourtalk TT 200-SD4 is a two-way wireless communication package designed to assist staff communication whilst social distancing. The system comprises 1 transmitter with single ear headset (for the ...

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Tourtalk TT 40-R Receiver

The Tourtalk TT 40-R receiver is supplied complete with a lanyard and earphone. This compact and lightweight receiver is very easy to use. A channel/group lock restricts unauthorised access ...

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What people say about Tourtalk

“We purchased a Tourtalk system so that we could continue leading guided walks whilst maintaining social distancing. Tourtalk were very quick to respond to my initial enquiry and provided helpful advice on a two-way guiding system that would suit our needs. We chose over the ear earpieces so that we could easily sanitise them. The units are well made and of good quality, with a good, solid feel. They charged quickly and were easy to programme and set up. Overall, we are really pleased with the Tourtalk system. Top marks!”

Museum tour guide

"We are very pleased with the feedback that we have had from both customers and members of staff that have now used the Tourtalk system and it has proved extremely beneficial to date.  The sound quality and ease of use is fantastic, and it has much improved the professional way in which we present ourselves to our customers when they are visiting our factory."

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