Tourtalk Tour Guide Systems

Tourtalk is a portable wireless tour guide system that helps tour groups overcome background noise and distance from the guide.

A typical system comprises of a transmitter with microphone for the guide and receivers with earphones for the audience.

Examples of use

City Centre

When a tour guide takes visitors for a tour in a busy city centre they have to compete with background noise and constant distractions. The tour guide simply speaks at a comfortable level into a wireless Tourtalk transmitter, and the tourists each wear an earphone connected to a receiver. Each tourist can then adjust their personal volume. Not only does the Tourtalk system help keep the group focused on what is being said, it reduces the strain on the tour guide’s voice. The guide can also connect a smartphone to the transmitter, to play a pre-recorded commentary about the sites, to enhance the visitors experience. A second transmitter can be used (with a Tourtalk TT 100 system), to enable two tour guides to communicate to the visitors, simultaneously. This can be particularly useful for any interviews, questions and answer sessions or when an interpreter is present with foreign visitors.

Tourists using tour guide system for city tour


A tour guide takes their customers around a museum but doesn’t want to disturb other people in the vicinity. The guide can whisper into a headband microphone connected to the wireless transmitter. The visitors are each issued with a receiver and earphone. They can then adjust their own volume to hear the guide’s voice. As each transmitter and receiver is supplied with a belt-clip and lanyard, the system can be used hands-free. The system also prevents other people from overhearing what the guide is saying.

Noisy Factory

An engineering company wants to take guests around their noisy factory. It would be impossible for the company representative to communicate with the visitors as hearing protection is required. The company representative speaks into a microphone connected to a transmitter. A second company representative is also issued with a microphone connected to a transmitter (with a Tourtalk TT 100 system), allowing them to add comments at any time. This helps reduce the fatigue on each presenter’s voice as well as providing flexibility to the system. The visitors each have a receiver with ear defender/headphones to hear the message.

Visitors listening to guide in noisy factory

Field trip

A lecturer needs to communicate to a university class on a field trip. The students are spread out across a large area. The lecturer cannot compete with the wind, ambient noise and distance to speak to the group. As the Tourtalk transmitter has a long range, the guide can talk into a microphone without having to shout. The students can clearly hear every word by using a receiver with headphones. A second transmitter (with a Tourtalk TT 100 system) can be used by the students to ask any questions, ensuring the whole group then hear both the question and the answer.

As all Tourtalk systems have multiple channels, separate tours can take place within the same venue at the same time.

An inductive neck loop is available to assist a hearing aid wearer attending a tour.

A wide range of accessories are available for the system to suit each application. Whether the tour is taking place in a cathedral or a noisy workshop, a Tourtalk system can be used to provide a professional experience for your guests.

Tourtalk TT 100 tour guide system

A range of tour guide system packages are available.

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